Removing Consequences

For another science activity I was asked to do I had to say what would happen if an organism was removed. Well it would not be a very good thing. Here are some examples.

If a fly was eaten by a frog, witch was eaten by a snake, witch was eaten by a owl. What would happen if the frog was taken out of the equation? Well there would be alot more fly’s in that area if that continued to happen and eventually overpopulation. This is not a good thing for the snake either. It would have to move out of that area or find another food source. If the snake moved out of the area what would the owl have to eat, you see the problem!

That’s the latest on science for now.

Who’s at the TOP of the Food Chain?

For science one of the activities we had to do was write a post about energy transferd through an ecosystem. Then we had to pick a ecosystem and write three examples. So here I go!

Forest Ecosystems:

A deer eats a gooseberry, wolf eats deer, bear eats wolf.

Fish eats the algae, seagull eats fish, raccon eats seagull.

Deer eats leaves off a tree, coyote eats deer, wolf eats coyote.

Every time a biotic element eats another biotic element, energy is lost, so that is one of main reasons that bigger animals need more food.

That’s all for now on ecosystems!