Claustrophobic Side Bar ?

 Challenge 3 Activity 6

Since I have was an educational blogger last year, I have a good sense of yes or no, meaning this would attract more viewers to my blog or that is just plain repulsing. As a blogger you need to know what to know would this make more viewers want to come to my blog ?

But most importantly you shouldn’t change your whole blog theme or delete all your widgets just because a friend told you it looked clashy. But you shouldn’t have widgets full of games because it takes away from the professional appearance from your blog – no one wants to read a kid blog.

I basically have all the widgets I need;

Wordle ; Flag Counter ; Clock ; and four badges from the Edublogs.

But someday I may want to put back on a Voki? A group of singing horses?  That’s the beauty of having a blog … nothing is permanent!


That’s all for now!


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