My Digital Dossier

Challenge 3, Activity 1

My didgital dossier/ didgital footprint is probably very big becasue I am involved in …


– Twitter


And possibly many more I am not aware of.

When I join programs or internet social services I make sure I am very descrete. Meaning no personal information ( unless on facebook ) or when I do I make sure I have heavy computer security so people I don’t have random people contacting me.

 When I google myself on the internet by my first and last name, my facebook page comes up, my gymnastics club, news paper results for track and field (I won first) , more news paper results for my gymnastics winnings, and my dad’s small buisness.

Activivty 2

If you you want to have the #1 comment check ou this post from last year !

Activivty 4

For this activity I am going to show tell you what kind of user I am !

 I am a creator, a joiner and a spectator. What are you ?

For Acitvity 5  I play this game and made my own character. I did fairly well making good decisions helping out peers and including others. I very good and help game !

That’s all for now!


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