Let’s Get Creative

Challenge 7 Activity 1

The first ART site I went to was Getty Games where I played alot of the matching and drawing games and it was really fun!


This was my favourite game where you had to find both halves to make a full picture!

This was my favourite matching game where you had to find both halves of a picture!



 Another great site for drawing I visited was Kerpoof . It was a site good for all ages and I can honestly say I had a good time doing most of the games- pictured below is the home page!


The website I visited was KenBrashear.com where I got to play the drums. I don’t want be boastful or anything but I think I did  a pretty good job considering I basically have no Musical talent at all!


I hope you use my links for these games because they were my favourite!

That’s all for now!


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