What the Media Says About Physical Activity

                      What the Media Says About Physical Activity 

Have you ever turned on the TV or opened up a magazine and seen a model (man or woman) staring back at you with a six pack and ‘perfect’ features. You’re probably wondering ‘how did they get so skinny?’ or ‘am I supposed to look like that?’ Absolutely not! Everyone is different so nobody should compare themselves to others!

                Think about your favourite celebrity, they are probably size two skinny and in a guys case, they have a perfect six pack. While looking at these celebrities in movies or TV shows you’re probably think you’re fat. In most types of media (specifically TV shows) they don’t show how the actors, or the characters in the series, stay fit. It basically looks like they don’t have to try to be skinny. This has a negative influence on young adolescents because you are probably feeling insecure about how your body type doesn’t look as good as theirs.

                On T.V if one of the actors goes to work out, most of the time they just say, “I’m going to work out.” It never shows them actually working out like jogging. If it does show them going into the gym they probably just hit on young men/women. It is not realistic just to go to a gym to ‘hook up’ with someone attractive, but that’s what the media does. It makes you believe things that aren’t necessarily true.

                Some young adults may get upset over the fact that they don’t have a “rockin” body but some other young adults may be determined to get that body type just because they are jealous.  Several magazines show that even celebrities struggle with weight but it shows how they overcame that by eating healthy and getting lots of physical activity. Even though the media can have a very negative influence on our generation, it can also have a very positive influence that gets kids pumped to exercise.

                If young adults think that they don’t have to have any physical activity to be fit just because of the media this is a very bad influence. It is important young adults know that physical activity is a big factor in being healthy. If they think they should be becoming slimmer just by eating healthier, they may think something is wrong with them because they are not losing weight. I think that most young adolescents turn to the media, such as the internet for advice. If they are not taught the proper way to stay fit, young adults may start taking pills to lose weight.

                Everywhere you go you’re going to find some type of media, whether it is magazines or television programs. Just remember, to become healthier eat nutritious food and gets lots of physical activity. So the next time you run across some type of media turn a blind eye. Don’t go comparing your body or yourself to others and especially don’t compare yourself to celebrities because they are only human and they have problems too.

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Bimba Bay, Indonesia


For an assignement at school we had to play a game and chose a picture that we thought was really cool. Then we had to try and find it on Google Earth. I finally found the place I chose and it turned out to be Bimba Bay, Indonesia (the picture is above).

Facts About Bimba Bay

– Bimba Bay is in Indonesia

-It has some really good diving spots if that’s what your interested in

– It’s really beautiful!

That’s all for now!