Movie Impact :. Stick It

The movie that has the biggest impact on me is my favourite movie,  ‘Stick It’. It is about a young girl named Haley who has had one to many run ins with the law. Her big secret is that she was once an amazing gymnast who walked out on Worlds and demolishing the USA teams dream at winning a gold. The main idea is that the judge sends her to VGA – Vickermans Gymnastics Academy where she faces her fears and try’s making it to worlds one more time and in the process showing that no one , not even the judges and control you.

This movie has an impact on me because I am a gymnast myself and I don’t always think that people

believe that gymnastics is hardcore. This movie shows people that gymnastics is not some girly, happy go lucky , dance around in a dress sort of sport. This movie also sends a message about second chances and going by your own rules and also not letting anybody judge you.





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Journal Activity – History

Three+Quarters+to+MidnightFor a History assignment we had to watch two interactive videos on our e-learning accounts and then answer three questions.





I remembered that –  Ontario and Quebec were also known as Upper Canada and Lower Canada


I noticed that…The agricultural industry was the backbone of Ontario and Quebec. 


I was unaware of… In 1867 , Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia were the only provinces that were a part of confederation. 

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Canadian Flag –


Slam Poetry :. Harry Potter

Harry Potter

  10 long years

Of thriller and cheers.

It started in 2001

But now it is done.


He was a Gryffindor

Brave to the core,

His two best friends

Hermione and Ron with him until the end.


He went on many adventures

Conquering all dark magic

With the help of everyone.


He made sure Voldemort was done

Now he is married,

With two sons and a daughter.


We will always love you Harry Potter.


But will there be more?

For everyone that loves him to the core

He taught us great lessons,

Now we don’t need therapy sessions.


We plea,

You see

To JK Rowling that she will write another book

Because all her fans are hooked.


Harry Potter is done

But he will remain

In our domain

So let the next generation of Potters live on.