Picture Perfect?

Challenge 5

This is a tipical every day question….is it safe to put your picture on the internet? Well there are many differnt answers and many pros and cons. For starters it IS safe to put your picture on the internet for lets say facebook where you can pick your friends and have secure privacy settings,but on a blog where many strangers could say is saw that person at a local resturant or supermarket in_____. With a click of a button your whole identety could be ruiend. Then it starts out with just a comment on your blog thats says “Let’s be friends I’ll meet you____.” Next is is quite possible you will start to have people driving around town following you . They might even have a specific person in mind that looks like… ummm YOU. And do you want to know how it ends? Do you? Yeah thats right a headline in the local news paper stating headline of “Local girl Found Dead after putting her Picture on her Blog”


So next time your about to put a picture on the internet stop and say to your self…is this really what you want? Because if you survive you will be dealing with alot more than Math problems.


4 thoughts on “Picture Perfect?

  1. I really like your blog and you have a very good point about why not to post your pictures on your blog!

  2. Hey Alex! You have a great post and I totally agree wi thyuo that you should never put you picture on a blog. Megan 🙂

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